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II/2017 (Volume V)

Title of article:
Optimization of empirical models of transport planning in railway transport
Milan Dedík, Matúš Dlugoš, Jozef Gašparík, Vladimír Ľupták, Peter Blaho
This paper is focused on analysis of the empirical models of transport planning in railway transport. At first are described general information and basic principles about known models. In the second chapter are mentioned current empirical models used in railways transport. There are explained methods of calculations for Nyvig and Lill´s gravitational model at all and introduced comparison of optimal values with actual values at chosen transport routes according to Lill´s model. The third chapter includes proposal of the extension the current Lill´s model including the practical application at the concrete chosen transport route.

Title of article:
Determination of probability distribution of customer input at post office
Silvia Ďutková, Dominika Hoštáková, Tomáš Mišík, Iwona Rybicka
If we want to analyze a real system with a large number of input data, it is very convenient to determine a probability distribution that best fits to given input data. There are many statistical methods to determine the correct probability distribution and one of them is Chi-Square Goodness of Fit Test. This statistical test can be also used to find out a probability distribution of time intervals between arrivals of customers at post office. Intervals between arrivals of customers occur in continuous time and therefore we consider continuous probable distributions.

Title of article:
Changes in night-time distribution of goods to the city centres as a tool to meet the requirements of the EU white paper on transport
Jozef Gnap, Dominika Beňová, Radovan Slávik, Grzegorz Dydkowski
The report focuses on assessing the advantages and disadvantages of night distribution in selected European cities. The first chapter is focused on projects focused on night distribution of goods in the city centre. The second chapter deals with a more detailed analyses of night distribution in some countries of the European Union. It shows concrete example, a solution for night distribution, which can be applied to our Slovak cities. Even in Slovakia, it has to deal with the issue in view of the constantly increase the number and the duration of traffic accidents not only in Bratislava, but also in all regional cities.  

Title of article:
Modelling traffic conditions in the cadaster of Veľká Lomnica
Matúš Korfant, Ján Palúch, Marián Gogola, Rafał Jurecki
This article is focused on the analysis of the current traffic situation in the cadaster of Veľká Lomnica and suggestions for its improvement. The most important intersection of the road I/67 and II/540 is problematic where is also located the railway crossing with a light signalling device. As a basis for the traffic analysis was performed traffic survey at the four positions in the cadastral territory. Its analysis provides information about the current traffic intensity and is also the basis for the simulation of traffic in traffic - planning software AIMSUN. The article contains an evaluation of various proposed solutions on the basis of the results from AIMSUN software and the selection of the appropriate variant.

Title of article: The impact of University of Žilina´s employees on regional development
Author: Lucia Možuchová, Lucia Gašperová, Mária Rostášová, Dorota Jelonek
Abstract: The university is an important part of the region's infrastructure and has the potential to initiate changes and transform the economy into a diverse range. The presence of a university in a host city or region has a strong impact on regional development. Universities are usually among the largest employers in the city. Their employees, students and visitors spend some of their finances in this city, which have an impact on local and regional economic development. The total size of the impact of university varies depending on the size of the university and the characteristics of the local and regional economy. The primary aim of the contribution is identification of the selected short-term impacts of the University of Žilina to the city and region, where it has its registered office. To achieve the stated goal, primary research was carried out primarily focused on the economic impact of university staff on the development of the Žilina´s region

Title of article: Driver salary identification by hypothesis testing
Author: Miloš Poliak, Patrícia Šimurková, Adela Poliaková, Marek Jaśkiewicz
Abstract: This paper outlines comparing two independent samples, particularly average driver salary in Slovakia and the other EU countries. Significant differences between salaries are pointed out through two examples dealing with hypothesis testing. For Western European Union countries, the level of salaries in road transport is higher in absolute terms compared to the salaries of drivers in the central and eastern parts of the European Union. Different salaries and requirements of wage regulations create a discriminatory environment among entrepreneurs however harmonization of salaries in the field of road transport is specific because carriers offer transport throughout the whole European Union market.

Title of article: The impact of roof box on fuel consumption
Author: František Synák, Vladimír Rievaj
Abstract: Passenger vehicles are major petroleum consumers and contributors of greenhouse gas and criteria pollutant emissions in many countries around the world. The amount of fuel consumed affects the environment, status of health of human population as well as financial costs that are associated with vehicle operation. The roof box is one of the often used vehicle attachments. The aim of the paper is to measure the increase of fuel consumption affected by an installed roof box. The impact of roof box on the increase of fuel consumption is measured at the speeds of 50 km.h-1, 90 km.h-1 and 130 km.h-1. The introduction of the paper describes particular harmful constituents of exhaust gases and their effects. Another part of the article includes the methodology of measurement and its results. The last part of the article involves the evaluation of results and recommendations relating to reduction of the increase of fuel consumption affected by roof box.

Title of article: Statistical survey of road freight transport performance indicators
Author: Pavol Varjan, Jozef Gnap, Štefánia Semanová, Ondrej Stopka
Abstract: This paper deals with the statistical survey of road freight transport performance indicators in the Slovak Republic and Europe. The aim is to point out disagreements in statistical data. The data will be compared in the databases of the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic and Eurostat databases. These disagreements concern performance indicators for road freight and transport of passengers. The first part of the article describes the role of the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic and Eurostat. Further, the survey data is shown. In the middle part there are disagreements in the statistics. At the end of the article are explained problems with collecting data from road freight transport companies.  

Title of article: The purpose of long-distance passenger trains in public passenger transport system
Author: Martin Vojtek, Borna Abramovic, Martin Kendra, Vladislav Zitrický
Abstract: Current economical trends create new requirements to population mobility. People always travel for many reasons and they are very dependent on the system of passenger transport. There are several modes of transport, but passengers mostly use road and rail transport. Passenger transport system is influenced by many qualitative factors with various impacts. Long-distance passenger trains have got significant position on the transport market, what represents demand and offer in the passenger transport system. These trains connects far places therefore transport accessibility in the region or country is better and passenger railway transport is more attractive for traveling public. This article is focused on main purpose of these trains from operational and economical point of view.

Title of article: Calculation of total costs when ensuring railway passenger transport at the Bratislava to Banská Bystrica line
Author: Zdenka Záhumenská, Jozef Gašparík, Milan Škorupa, Petr Kurenkov
Abstract: Nowadays, great emphasis is placed on the quality of services provided in rail passenger transport, which is influenced by several factors. The competition between operators in the public tender when ordering paths in long-distance rail passenger transport is very significant. The aim of this article is to analyse steps of the Slovak government in the announcement of the first public tenders to provide subsidized transport of a selected line and to determine conditions for this tender. During 2015, Slovak Ministry of Transport began to take steps towards the liberalisation of the long-distance domestic rail passenger service on the Bratislava to Banská Bystrica line, which opened up the market for domestic passenger services to a new railway company. The Bratislava to Banská Bystrica line was chosen because of the provision of sufficient transport performance and passenger flows. The liberalisation process of the Bratislava to Banská Bystrica line is still ongoing, and has entered com-petitive conditions and criteria stage, although the tender had yet to be concluded in 2015.

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