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About Journal

TaC Journal is an scientific journal intended to bring together the information in different areas of transport and communications.

The Scope of Journal

The aim of this journal is to combine theory and practice in the field transport and communications and thus advancement of transport and communications sciences. It will provide a platform for academicians, researchers and engineers to share their experience and solution to problems in areas:

  • The development of transport and postal policy, the identification and solution of tasks arising from the transport development strategy of Slovak Republic to year  2020 and the postal policy, integration and harmonization of legislation and the management of transport system of the Slovak Republic in the European area, competitiveness and sustainable growth while maintaining an acceptable mobility transport system with the application of intermodality

  • Public passenger transport systems, identification of problem areas, increasing the efficiency and the quality of public passenger transport

  • Increasing the efficiency and quality of transport and post, monitoring, management and prediction of the cost of transport and post

  • The interaction of demand and supply in transport, in post, in telecommunications, information networks in the wake of the market structure and the structure of the economy, technological changes in the business processes associated with the use of ICT, as well as the implementation of these technologies into marketing, diffusion processes of new mobile services and their value chain, mobile network systems in transport

  • Logistic system, methods of identification and analysis of costs in the logistics chain, logistics processes related with the use of means of transport

  • Road transport, forecasting and modeling of transport systems in the region, calculation of the external effects of transport and their internalization, safety of road transport, analysis of the legislation in the field of road transport, the European standards in road transport

  • Rail transport, the transport market liberalized be EU, the development of intermodal transport in terms of SR, model of the division of labor with regard to transmission in transport infrastructure capacity, European standards in rail transport

  • Water transport, navigational use of Slovak rivers and water areas, radar navigation, radio communication and informatics in the management of the vessel and the inland fleet, the methodology and the creation of documents for investment decision-making and economic management in shipping companies, European standards in the waterway transportation, water transport in the context of the development of tourism, research security options practical training professionals for inland navigation on the basis of simulation of virtual reality.

  • Air transport, geodetic reference system in aviation, restructuring of airports in SR, aviation safety, quality management in organizations of civil aviation, European standards in civil aviation

  • The business environment in the SR, effective methods of diagnosis and improvement of enterprises, analysis of the methods of investment decision making in the enterprise, the application of controlling, evaluation of the effectiveness of business activity.

  • The components of the structure of the working motivation in the network industries optimization problems intuitive geometry, geometry utilizing ICT

  • The cross-border cooperation, the use of strategic management in support of the development of the region


Journal is indexed in database Index Copernicus

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