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Author Guidelines

Informations for Authors

  • Frequency of publishing: twice per year (May and November) in printed version.

  • Language All articles should be written in English -- British or American as long as consistency is observed.

  • The submitted article has not been previously published, nor is it before another journal for consideration.

  • The article, or any part thereof, is in no way a violation of any existing original or derivative copyright.

  • The article and abstract file is in Microsoft Word document format only.

  • Articles poorly produced or incorrectly formatted may not be included in the TaC journal.

  • Submitted articles for publication in TaC Journal will be reviewed anonymously by at least two independent experts in the particular area, the author will receive evaluation results within a month to decide the manuscript would be accepted or rejected.

  • Authors hold responsibility for linguistic quality (language as well as grammar accuracy) of the article.

  • Each author will receive the printed version of journal by traditional post.

Article Templates

Publication Ethics

Ethical standards for publication exist to ensure high-quality scientific publications, public trust in scientific findings, and that people receive credit for their ideas. It is important to avoid:

  • Data fabrication and falsification:

Data fabrication means the researcher did not actually do the study, but made up data. Data falsification means the researcher did the experiment, but then changed some of the data. Both of these practices make people distrust scientists. If the public is mistrustful of science then it will be less willing to provide funding support.

  • Plagiarism:

Taking the ideas and work of others without giving them credit is unfair and dishonest. Copying even one sentence from someone else’s manuscript, or even one of your own that has previously been published, without proper citation is considered plagiarism—use your own words instead.

  • Multiple submissions:

It is unethical to submit the same manuscript to more than one journal at the same time. Doing this wastes the time of editors and peer reviewers, and can damage the reputation of journals if published in more than one.

  • Redundant publications (or ‘salami’ publications):

This means publishing many very similar manuscripts based on the same experiment. It can make readers less likely to pay attention to your manuscripts.

  • Improper author contribution or attribution:

All listed authors must have made a significant scientific contribution to the research in the manuscript and approved all its claims. Don’t forget to list everyone who made a significant scientific contribution, including students and laboratory technicians.


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